Monday, November 3, 2008


Hmmm... procrastinate much? I might apologize about not posting if I thought I might have any readers who might be upset by it, but... I doubt I do. 
Recently I did a project for some friends who were building a house. They wanted a mural painted on their daughter's wall, and I was happy to do it! My lovely blank canvas (gorgeous color!):

 Mmmm. So clean and fresh. Makes me feel warm and tingly inside.
Here I am partially finished of the brown flowers. Not the kind you'd expect for a 20-month-old huh? I'm telling ya, this is one sophisticated kid.
Action shot! Good old camera self-timers.At the end of day one: brown flowers are finished! The green tape did not stay, although I kind of liked it there. Day 2 I went to work on the white flowers in the foreground, and I forgot to take progressive shots of the white. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter all that much. So here it is finished.
I found that if I lay on the floor parallel to the wall, then I can see magical creatures and happy things like lollipops hidden in the paintings. If you're ever to M&L's, try it. It only works if you're exhausted and high on paint fumes, though. Here's to my darling niece A!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The hairy one!

For those of you who don't know, I'll give you the lowdown: Matt decided to participate in the Cops for Cancer pledge drive/head shave this year (he's a paramedic, but C for C is for cops, medics, firefighters, military etc. etc.). I've always wanted to donate my hair, so I made a hair appointment to get my ponytail chopped on the same day as the CC Head Shave. So Matt shaved his head, and I donated about 10 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths on Saturday Oct. 4th. Here are a few pictures you've all been wanting to see!
Us before, you can tell we're both in good need of a trim:

Chees-tastic! Here's Matt's head getting shaved:

It was a windy day, and they made no effort to contain the hair... it flew free! Most of you know who I'm posting THIS picture for:

Mmmm... hair. My camera batteries died right when my hair stylist had her scissors poised at my ponytail, ready for the mega-chop. So, you only get after shots of me. This is me playing with Photo Booth, trying to get a decent picture, but it was too hard to get a "nice" one. So I gave up and decided just to take a whole bunch one right after the other and see what I could come up with. Here are a few of my choice picks:

I thought I'd post a "normal" picture there at the end... though it is a little boring after those first two.
Oh yeah, and here's Matt. He's bald:
He looks a little mean. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First post ever...

So. I have a blog. I'm pretty excited about it.
Recently I went yard sale-ing at the annual 70 mile yard sale. If you get out early enough you can get some sweet deals. I sure did. I've always wanted to revamp an old dresser, so I went looking for an old dresser that needed some love! Here's the lucky one:
I don't know if you can tell or not, but the masking tape price sticker says, "Dresser: $10.00". But that's not how much I paid for it. I haggled and argued and dickered with the lady for all I was worth for her to give it to me for $7... okay, okay.... my mom asked her for me if she'd take $7, and the lady said, "Sure." Thanks, Mom!
Back to the revamping. Even though the poor thing was painted yellow, blue, and green and had some sad little stamps randomly placed all over it, it was in great shape. All the drawers worked smoothly and I didn't have to do much sanding to get it ready for the new coat of paint! First coat. I love purple. This color is called wild plum, I think.
Now onto the drawers... Once I painted the drawers a glossy black (and removed the handles), I hauled out my leftover wallpaper from my living room wall, and cut out some pieces and stuck 'em on the front. Result is this: Finished product is this (poor lighting, I know, but you get the idea): Isn't this awesome? Now I will put this in my studio and put things in it. And it will make me very happy to look at. I think I will sit in my studio all day just to stare at it.
More projects to come! :)