Monday, November 3, 2008


Hmmm... procrastinate much? I might apologize about not posting if I thought I might have any readers who might be upset by it, but... I doubt I do. 
Recently I did a project for some friends who were building a house. They wanted a mural painted on their daughter's wall, and I was happy to do it! My lovely blank canvas (gorgeous color!):

 Mmmm. So clean and fresh. Makes me feel warm and tingly inside.
Here I am partially finished of the brown flowers. Not the kind you'd expect for a 20-month-old huh? I'm telling ya, this is one sophisticated kid.
Action shot! Good old camera self-timers.At the end of day one: brown flowers are finished! The green tape did not stay, although I kind of liked it there. Day 2 I went to work on the white flowers in the foreground, and I forgot to take progressive shots of the white. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter all that much. So here it is finished.
I found that if I lay on the floor parallel to the wall, then I can see magical creatures and happy things like lollipops hidden in the paintings. If you're ever to M&L's, try it. It only works if you're exhausted and high on paint fumes, though. Here's to my darling niece A!