Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First post ever...

So. I have a blog. I'm pretty excited about it.
Recently I went yard sale-ing at the annual 70 mile yard sale. If you get out early enough you can get some sweet deals. I sure did. I've always wanted to revamp an old dresser, so I went looking for an old dresser that needed some love! Here's the lucky one:
I don't know if you can tell or not, but the masking tape price sticker says, "Dresser: $10.00". But that's not how much I paid for it. I haggled and argued and dickered with the lady for all I was worth for her to give it to me for $7... okay, okay.... my mom asked her for me if she'd take $7, and the lady said, "Sure." Thanks, Mom!
Back to the revamping. Even though the poor thing was painted yellow, blue, and green and had some sad little stamps randomly placed all over it, it was in great shape. All the drawers worked smoothly and I didn't have to do much sanding to get it ready for the new coat of paint! First coat. I love purple. This color is called wild plum, I think.
Now onto the drawers... Once I painted the drawers a glossy black (and removed the handles), I hauled out my leftover wallpaper from my living room wall, and cut out some pieces and stuck 'em on the front. Result is this: Finished product is this (poor lighting, I know, but you get the idea): Isn't this awesome? Now I will put this in my studio and put things in it. And it will make me very happy to look at. I think I will sit in my studio all day just to stare at it.
More projects to come! :)


Ian said...

That is too cute Amber!

Sue-Anne said...

I love that you used the word "dicker" in your blog!!