Monday, November 3, 2008


Hmmm... procrastinate much? I might apologize about not posting if I thought I might have any readers who might be upset by it, but... I doubt I do. 
Recently I did a project for some friends who were building a house. They wanted a mural painted on their daughter's wall, and I was happy to do it! My lovely blank canvas (gorgeous color!):

 Mmmm. So clean and fresh. Makes me feel warm and tingly inside.
Here I am partially finished of the brown flowers. Not the kind you'd expect for a 20-month-old huh? I'm telling ya, this is one sophisticated kid.
Action shot! Good old camera self-timers.At the end of day one: brown flowers are finished! The green tape did not stay, although I kind of liked it there. Day 2 I went to work on the white flowers in the foreground, and I forgot to take progressive shots of the white. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter all that much. So here it is finished.
I found that if I lay on the floor parallel to the wall, then I can see magical creatures and happy things like lollipops hidden in the paintings. If you're ever to M&L's, try it. It only works if you're exhausted and high on paint fumes, though. Here's to my darling niece A!


caleb said...

Hey! the room looks FANTASTIC!

blayre said...

You're amazing.

Get down off those fumes though, kid. Baaad news in the fumes... although, I'd love some lollipops!

... can you come do my kid's room [future tense]? :)